Try this delicious recipe for Fairy-ring Mushroom, Prosciutto, and Leek Pizza – created by Girlichef and inspired by Little Island.

About Katharine Britton


Katharine Britton’s first novel, HER SISTER’S SHADOW, was published in 2011, by Berkley Books (Penguin, USA). Her second novel, LITTLE ISLAND, came out in September of 2013, from the same publisher.


She has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Dartmouth College, and a Master's in Education from the University of Vermont.


Her screenplay, “Goodbye Don’t Mean Gone,” was a Moondance Film Festival winner and a finalist in the New England Women in Film and Television contest.


When not at her desk, Katharine can often be found in her Norwich garden, waging a non-toxic war against the slugs, snails, deer, woodchucks, chipmunks, moles, voles, and beetles with whom she shares her yard. (Katharine’s defense consists mainly of hand-wringing after the fact.)


She is also an avid, novice birder and volunteers at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, where she loves to hang out with owls and feed orphaned baby birds. Click here to read "Empty Nest Syndrome," her blog post about feeding orphaned baby birds during the summer of 2013.